Welcome Everyone!

If you have stumbled onto this site, believe me, it was not by accident. All things happen for a reason and the reason for you being here is to either be advised of something, reminded of something or challenged to do something. Some people have never heard, so they need to be advised. Some have heard and therefore need to be reminded, while others simply need to be encouraged to put things into action. Whatever the case may be for you, please take the time to enjoy your journey along this path and see where it may lead you.

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The dawning of a new day

There’s a new day arising in the hearts of His people. Have you thought much about this question? Who are the people and what is this new day? For those who do have an interest to know, all answers to questions are found in the Bible.  Some are easy to find, while other answers deem diligent searching of the scriptures. So, with all that said, I want to allow time for searching. The Bible does say that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him, Hebrews 11:6b.

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